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A transcription...

Feel free to use this ICly in Awakening as an IC document.  No, it isn't official in any way, but neither is the bible.

In the beginning, there were the Aeon: the sum total of all reality. It was formless and void, and this void was empty yet at the same time it was full. Full of potential that was yet to pass.
Fate was first, fortelling of comings and determining destiny's path. Then a single speck came to be, Matter, which was the sum of everything. As it existed Time and Space came to be, as even the tiniest grain has length and breadth and height and duration. The speck grew, having nothing else to do, and as things in this Aeon are inclined to, it diversified.
The Aeon became full of water and dirt and rock and air and mineral and Aether. As this Matter grew, so did the Space between the elements and the sympathies which bound them as they were all children of the first speck. The Time in which they existed grew as quickly, their duration became greater and greater.
They remained in harmony with one another, each occupying its own role, until at last the Space was full with the Matter of the Aeon. Rock was the center, and interspersed throughout the dirt. The dirt created the outer surface upon which the water rested. The water's skin kept the Aether furthest of all from the center - and soon the harmony was gone. In the early Times, the Matter began to shift and move within itself to rearrange this organization. Rock and dirt and water and Aether mixed, and the Aether slowly became the largest of these elements. As the Aether grew, it became hungry for Space to occupy. This marked the first signs of each arcanum's individual Mind beginning to develop.
Soon it came to pass that the Aether was able to petition the others for more. More Space, more Time, more elements within itself. It was refused. The Aether, as full of hubris as it was of a mad Mind, began duplicating the aspects of the arcana within itself in its own manner.
The others grew jealous, as Fate had known they would within Time. Working on the instructions of Fate, Space and Time divided Matter and Aether apart and forged a barrier to keep the Aether away for all Time. Separated from its other (material) brothers, the Aether became quite insane. It was the first of the Minds to grow, and the fastest, and the most diverse. Its despair over the solitude fractured it completely, creating duplicates of everything that had existed on the material side of the barrier in a vain attempt to retain the coherency that precisely this act cost it.
There existed now a great void separating all the material. There was still the same Space, but the absence of the Mad Aether created tremendous gaps between materials for the Space to flow into. The arcana discussed events, then asked Fate what was to happen. It was at this point that Fate told the First Lie.
A great conjunction of the Matter was to happen, a reforming of everything that existed, into the center of the Aeon. Space could contract, Time could dilate, Matter would congeal. Each of the arcana working by itself could not bring this about, nor could they cooperate enough to perform their task. Fate interceded and placed part of itself aside, then urged the rest to do so as well. Each of the arcana took a portion and combined it into a being not Space or Time or Matter or Fate or Mind, but made up of all of these. It was born mature, and called itself Prime. Having a consciousness nearly that of Mind and a memory nearly that of Time and almost a breadth from its Space parent and almost a physical existence from Matter, it began to pull.
The energy possessed by Prime was great, but even then it was not enough to perform the task. Fate decreed that it should birth more childer from the Arcana, and that these should give assistance to their parent. Light and heat and motion and sound were brought forth into the world. It was decided that these were all the same, and called Forces. Together, they pooled their might and began the material world toward the Great Conjunction.
Alas, clever Time was now mature enough to peer ahead within itself, and saw Forces becoming just as mad and fractured as the Mad Aether, and called a halt to the efforts of the others, leaving pieces of material and energy where they lay upon Space, forever slowly drifting.

John Ward


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