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Beginning of an Adventure...

This is what I am thinking for my Carthian, Daeva...

Sitting on the outcrop of rocks, her feet dangling over the side the girl stared straight into the furious storm that was rolling in off of the Atlantic Ocean and up past Kilcloogher Head.  The Mouth of the River Shannon was in a wild state of affairs, it was void of any Maritime activity.  Her heart sank once more.  Hair being tossed against her shoulders and face, the salt water mixing with her even saltier tears. 

 She wanted to be away from this place, even at the ripe young age of 12, she knew she had to leave.  It was a desperate place in desperate times.

The America's were on verge of war, and Ireland expressed it's amiability to Her plight.  Being struck down time and time again by the English…  Her mother, being Irish true and true was wed to an Englishman.  Though her family was well off, it did not make the disgrace of her heritage any lighter on her heart.  She and her family spent 6 months on the beautiful coasts of Ireland, and then 6 months in the heart of London.

This was their last night before traveling back to London, at a time when her older brother, Ernan was to wed a beautiful Spaniard, Pilar, in a fortnight.  This was exciting for her, as she had become good friends with Pilar's youngest brother – Estevan.  And, this would be the year that they began their grand adventure.  They were running away to become Pirates. 

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